Top 15 Free Advertising Sites for Businesses in 2023 – Get Leads Now!

Starting and running a business consumes a ton of resources. This brings a lot of challenges as among your goals are to maximize your resources and bring the most growth possible no matter how limited they may be. Fortunately, if you’re creative and inventive enough, plenty of ways await you to save and wisely utilize your capital, be it time or money. 

Among the important aspects of a business is getting the word out, which the marketing and the advertising department is responsible for. Big companies allot a hefty amount of funds to make sure that this area is fully exhausted and dealt with great care and bright ideas. They spend a great time trying to find ways to reach their prospects and not lose to their competitors. This front is tightly competitive and eagerly challenging.

Although it is a big deal, demanding, and may require huge funds to get it rolling, there’s very little reason to be discouraged if you’re a startup. Even if you now run a business but don’t have ready cash to risk, there’s also very little reason to feel demotivated to level up your game and improve your position in the industry. The internet has been filled with revolutions in different fields and is continually evolving. Take, for example, the industry of advertising.

Free Advertising Sites

While plenty of options and truly inspiring paid advertisements are available online to improve your popularity and business growth, there is a lot that is free of charge that can legitimately increase your success rate. 

To fire up your excitement, here are the Top 15 Free Advertising Sites you should keep an eye on should you wish to bolster your advertising prowess, get more leads instantly, and grow your business this 2023 drastically. 

Before We Start, Here Is a Top 10 Free Advertising Sites:

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Here is a larger list of websites that are generally online classifieds. 

1. FreeAdsTime

FreeAdsTime is an online classified ads platform that allows you to post an ad without needing to create an account. To start without signing in or having an account, you’ll need to fill out two main things: the category and the subcategory. Although you can get away without the account, I strongly suggest that you do create one and post ads through your account.

Remember that your goal is to improve your reputation, so you must let the potential buyers of your business. With your account, there come more functional features, such as tracking your stats to know the number of people who have visited your page. Features as such help you devise a strategy, which you should plan based on the data you have. 

2. Craigslist

Craigslist has done a great job for the simplicity of posting an ad. While its homepage interface may not look polished as some of the online listing spaces around, the straightforwardness of filling out the form earns it two thumbs up. It services worldwide; it’s available to the majority of the countries. So, wherever you are running your business or planning to start one, do not overlook this platform. You can post as anonymous or with an account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one fast by starting with a valid email address. When you have an account, you can upgrade to a paid posting account. In doing so, you’ll have more capabilities for ads you can post. But you’ll have to apply for that. 

3. Wall Classifieds

Posting ads on Wall Classifieds is simple as it has an intuitive step-by-step approach. Its homepage is neatly organized and beautifully designed. It’s not difficult to spot right away the right button for publishing your ad. Once you have click on Publish Your Ad, you’ll need to fill out the fields starting first with the Category and Sub-category. Click Continue after filling those two out. Then, you’ll have to provide a maximum of 100 characters for the title and a maximum of 5000 characters, which is approximately 800 words, for the description.

The title and the description are very important, so please be specific and easy to understand to create a very good impression. Then the succeeding pages will be about other details about you or your business, such as your location, phone number, etc. The entire form is a guided process. It shouldn’t take long to finish it. 


Olx is an online marketplace that you should have already encountered because it’s big, established, and reputable. It leans more towards the likes of Amazon than ordinary online listing websites. So, it’s a good platform for selling goods that can be shipped instead of those that can be traded physically. This serves as a perfect way to put your business online if you sell physical items such as gadgets and apparel. If your business runs on providing service, then you would be better off with online listing services. 

Olx is well-developed in that it has apps developed for Apple devices and Android-run smartphones. You can register with a valid email address or your Facebook log-in to have an account on this platform. 

5. Facebook’s Marketplace

Facebook’s Marketplace is relatively among the newest when you put it side-by-side with the likes of Craigslist. Despite that, it has strong support and a very intelligent algorithm that not listing your items here is like wasting a great opportunity. The Marketplace has the robustness of Facebook. It is a very powerful alternative and very convenient as well. In many ways, it can appear like a traditional listing platform, but because it’s backed up by Facebook, it is well-designed. The social media powerhouse takes care of it well and continuously develops great features to encourage you to use it over other listing services. A lot of people are on Facebook, so whatever it is you sell, the social media giant can readily connect you with your prospects. 

6. Google Business

We all know about Google as a search engine behemoth, but what exactly is Google My Business? Well, for a starter, it’s an advertising platform that incentivizes by allowing you to take on your business free of charge. But what makes it any different than a listing service? Just like Facebook, whatever Google does, they do it well to rise above the well-established ones who came before them. 

Google monopolized the search engine, and most people use the internet through it. If you promote or advertise your business through Google’s in-house platform, you get a better chance of being visible right away or rank better. It also does well in creating a profile on the internet. Through it, Google’s search engine and Maps are integrated. To get started, all you need to have is a Google account. 

7. Gigantic List

Gigantic List is another go-to for posting advertisements. It has wide coverage to English-speaking countries worldwide. At the time of the writing, the listing platform is available in fifteen countries. You can find the Publish Your Ad option both at the header and the footer. The button stands out and is easy to access. You as a user can post either as a visitor or a member. Being a member means signing up for the account. When you are a member, you can better manage your advertisements. Even if you opt-out of being a member, you can still list your business for free. 

8. Classified Ads

Classified Ads is one of the most nice-looking online listing services that you can find around. They offer 100% free of charge for all the services they offer. The services include posting your advertisement. The process of listing your ad starts by pressing the “Post your ad, free!” Like its other counterparts, you will also have to also start by categorizing the product or the service you sell.

Much more a listing service than an online shop offers a wide range of categories that aren’t only limited to products being shipped. Immediately after you have clicked on the category, you will need to make it more specific by filling out the subcategory option. Then, you’ll need to put it in your location. Although they offer international coverage outside North America, this is only limited to a few countries. 

9. Classifieds Factor

Classifieds Factor allows you to post your advertisement in just under a minute. With their guided process, you will be walked through each page that you need to fill out. It allows you to describe what your business is about and the product that you sell. Hence, you’ll have to use it well. Take advantage of this opportunity as it will help you reach more buyers. Nonetheless, do not scare them with words and be as concise as possible. While you can post anonymously, you can also create your account to pool together all your advertisements and be able to track them.

10. H1Ad

H1Ad specializes in connecting you to your prospective buyers and clients who reside within your locality. Local listing is where it excels the best. In addition to putting in verbal descriptions, the platform also allows you to post pictures even when you are posting anonymously. You can also be on the top of the competition as it allows you to see or look for what others have posted or advertising for the same service. H1Ad makes all the ads look very important that they get enough attention to be noticed from its name. The H1 was inspired by an HTML tag <h1>, which means the most important heading. So, H1Ad means the most important ads. So, rest assured that each ad listed here will be given attention. 

11. Hobbly

Hobbly is very lite. It gets the job done simple and fast. You won’t find so many things going on at the same time, which is a very good thing. It only presents you with what’s important. Getting an advertisement listed on the platform is supposed to be straightforward. But it will only be when you have created an account. Without an account, you won’t be able to post an advertisement. The good news is in less than a minute; you should be able to create your account using a valid email address. The availability spans worldwide, so there’s a huge chance that you will be able to find yourself in a good spot when you post your advertisement on this platform. 

12. Geebo

Geebo has a playful and cheerful atmosphere. So, when you get to the website, bright colors will welcome you. It’s pretty much unfortunate, however, that it’s only available in the United States. If you aren’t in the country, you won’t be able to use its services and enjoy its light and jolly vibe. If you are in the US, then posting an ad should come as a breeze. Unlike most platforms, which will provide you a dropdown, here, the immediate options are readily available that you can click on. After clicking on a specific category, you will be redirected to a page with a form that you will have to fill out. The form is clean, detailed, and well-formatted. You’d know right away what you’re supposed to do. 

13. Sales Spider

Sales Spider is a great way to explore your options on eCommerce. But if you are on the market for a listing service without having to create an account, this one might not be for you. You can only get started when you have an account. So if you don’t have one yet, you’re going to have to create one. This is a very good option if you are focusing on marketing your business. This platform is geared towards building organized content for advertisements. It also has wide availability in different areas of the world. The chances that your location qualifies for this are high. 

14. Oodle

It’s only fair to start with the countries that Oodle is available in, so you can skip it right away if your location doesn’t fit in the list. So, here are the countries that it services: US, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Australia. Most countries are not included, but if you live in one that is, then you should consider it. Facebook account is all that you’ll need so you can get started into it. But if you don’t feel comfortable using it, you can create your account with your email address. 

15. Locanto

Locanto is well-maintained and possesses a very good profile. One thing to love about it is the moment that you search for its homepage, you will readily land to your locality, which enables you to save a lot of time. It also has a very lively aura, and when you start listing your ad, you will need to put in the title first. It’s a little different to do business here than in most listing services around. You’ll have fun as it is seamless and straightforward.