How to Install WordPress

How to Install WordPress: This is the sixth article in our new step-by step guide on How to Start a Free Blog in 6 Easy Steps. This article provides information on How to Install WordPress.

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In the previous article we provided step-by-step information on signing up with Bluehost and creating a new account. In case you haven’t yet signed up with Bluehost. To install WordPress on any web host, there are certain technical requirements which need to be met and Bluehost being one of the top recommended hosts by the team at WordPress, meets all such requirements.

Once you have signed up and created a new account, you will receive a welcome email from Bluehost. This email will contain login details for your ‘control panel (cpanel)’. cpanel allows you to install WordPress and manage all other back-end related things of your blog (e.g. emails).

Log into Bluehost cpanel

Now, go back to Bluehost homepage and click on the ‘login’ button in the top right hand side of the page. The welcome email from Bluehost would also have a link to Bluehost homepage.

Select ‘hosting’ tab (if it is not already selected), input your username and password from the welcome email and click on ‘login’.

Install WordPress

Once you login to your cpanel, you will see a number of small icons. However the good news is that you wont be required to use 95% of them!

Scroll down a bit on this page till ‘website builder’ section and click on the ‘Install WordPress’ icon.

On the next window, click on ‘Start’ button (some times it may say ‘Install’) to begin your WordPress installation process.

On the next screen, select your domain name for which you would like to install WordPress and leave the ‘directory’ field blank. You may input your domain name with or without ‘www’. My recommendation is to leave ‘www’ out from your domain name as shorter domain names are more popular these days. Click on ‘Check Domain’.

Input WordPress User Info

Check the little square box next to ‘show advanced options’. Input your site name or title. Please note title is different from domain name and could be changed later if required.

Input Admin Username, Admin Password and Admin Email Address. Please input the email address carefully as all login details would be sent to this email address. Also I recommend that please done use ‘admin’ as username as it make your site vulnerable. Now agree to the Terms & Conditions and click on ‘Install Now’.

After the WordPress has been installed, you will see a ‘Status:success’ now message.  Also, check you mailbox for login information of WordPress Dashboard.

That’s it! Your WordPress is installed and you are ready to move to next step WordPress Basics

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