WordPress Ping List for Ultra Fast Indexing

WordPress Ping List is an extremely important feature which informs major search engines about changes to your blog. Whenever you create, edit or update a WordPress post, these ping services are notified about these changes and then search engines index those posts.

What does WordPress Ping List do?

Ping lists are basically a kind of update services which WordPress uses to notify others that you’ve updated your blog. Whenever you make a change to your blog, WordPress automatically notifies these update services by sending a ping and in turn, these update services notify various indexes and search providers.

WordPress already includes Ping-O-Matic’s ping service (rpc.pingomatic.com) by default in every new blog however the indexing speed and traffic can be significantly increased by adding custom ping services. Using a custom WordPress ping list is an important part of every blogger’s strategy to their blogs and new posts indexed by search provided.

(If you wish to know more about Ping services, then you can check out these pages: Ping (Blogging) on Wikipedia, Pingback)

WordPress Ping List for Ultra Fast Indexing

Based on information gathered through my personal experience and discussions with other bloggers, I have collated a special custom list which will help your blog get indexed ULTRA fast.

Highly Recommended WordPress Ping List for Ultra Fast Indexing in 2017:

  • http://api.feedster.com/ping
  • http://api.moreover.com/ping
  • http://api.moreover.com/RPC2
  • http://bblog.com/ping.php
  • http://blo.gs/ping.php
  • http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2
  • http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc
  • http://geourl.org/ping
  • http://ipings.com
  • http://ping.blo.gs/
  • http://ping.bloggers.jp/rpc/
  • http://ping.feedburner.com
  • http://ping.syndic8.com/xmlrpc.php
  • http://ping.weblogalot.com/rpc.php
  • http://rpc.blogrolling.com/pinger/
  • http://rpc.pingomatic.com
  • http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping
  • http://rpc.twingly.com
  • http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2
  • http://topicexchange.com/RPC2
  • http://www.blogdigger.com/RPC2
  • http://www.blogpeople.net/servlet/weblogUpdates
  • http://www.blogshares.com/rpc.php
  • http://www.blogsnow.com/ping
  • http://www.blogstreet.com/xrbin/xmlrpc.cgi
  • http://www.feedsubmitter.com
  • http://www.newsisfree.com/xmlrpctest.php
  • http://www.pingerati.net
  • http://www.pingmyblog.com
  • http://www.weblogalot.com/ping
  • http://xping.pubsub.com/ping

Where to Add Ping List in WordPress?

  1. On your WordPress admin page, go to ‘Settings >> Writing’
  2. Locate the Update Services’ section toward the bottom of the page
  3. Please delete any existing ping services or URLs listed in the box
  4. Copy the list of Ping Services given above and paste it in the box
  5. Click on ‘Save Changes’ and you are done.

What Next?

Setting up the WordPress ping list is a basic step in your SEO journey and there are much more optimizations which are required for ranking your blog. As a next step, I would recommend SEMrush (you can start for free) to research your competition and find best keywords for your site.