How to Get Your Website on Google

Get Your Website on Google: Getting your new blog or website included in Google’s search results is free and easy. In this article, I will help you with manually submitting your website to Google for crawling and indexing using Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a free web service by Google for website owners to submit new content for indexing, monitor indexing status, optimize visibility in Google Search results and resolve any crawl related issues with your website.

Is your Website on Google?

Your website and content appear on Google, once they have been crawled and indexed.

Crawling: This is the process by which Google software ‘Googlebot’ crawls webpages to bring the information back to Google.

Indexing: This is the process by which Google creates an index of words and their locations based on the information received back from Googlebot.

(You can read more about Google search process here: How Google Search Works)

To check if your site is already indexed by Google or not, you need to do a site:search using your website’s URL. You need to search in Google, using query

Get Your Website on Google

If your website doesn’t show up then you need to manually submit your website for crawling and indexing. Two most common reasons for your website not appearing on Google are:

  • Yours is a new website which hasn’t been discovered and crawled by Google yet
  • Your website is not linked with other websites on the internet

If your website isn’t on Google, then you need to perform 2 easy steps to get your website and content listed on Google:

  1. Add the URL of your new website for inclusion in Google’s index
  2. Submit a Sitemap of your new website to Google

Step 1:  Add Your URL

If you have a new blog or a website, then you need to submit the URL of your new website here for indexing by Google.

Step 2: Submit a Sitemap

To submit a sitemap to Google, log in to Google Search Console, go to Crawl > Sitemaps > Add Sitemap.

Completing these steps would schedule Googlebot to visit your website for crawling. Although Google doesn’t commit any timelines for indexing your website (or whether it would even be crawled or indexed), it usually takes up to 48 hours for a new website.

I would also suggest that you read my earlier article WordPress Ping List for Ultra Fast Indexing to notify search engines about your new website and also  60+ High PR Search Engine Submission Site List if you wish to submit your website to other search engines as well.

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