8 Tips for a Good and Cheap Domain Name

This is one question which I get asked pretty often – How to choose a good and cheap domain name? Choosing a domain name is very much like naming your company or pets, it requires clarity and consideration. Follow these 10 tips to help you choose a good domain name:

  1. This year is all about keeping domain names as short as possible (6 to 14 characters)
  2. The name should be easy to remember and share (think of Google, Yahoo)
  3. Make it easy to type and avoid using any slangs (use express instead of xpress; unless xpress is your brand)
  4. Avoid using numbers and hyphens (-) in your domain name (Facebook or Face-Book?)
  5. Select .com extension wherever possible. Next bests are net and .org
  6. Use your top most keyword in your domain name
  7. Use your own name for your blog!
  8. Act fast to register your domain. You can use the Domain Name Checker below to search and register your domain.

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Now that we have covered the tips for choosing a good domain name, comes the question of how to get it cheap. Thanks to this special offer from Bluehost, if you decide to buy a hosting plan through it, you will get domain name totally free! Nothing’s cheaper than free 🙂

I hope I have been able to answer the popular question on how to choose a good and cheap domain name.

Once you have registered your domain name, you may wish to follow our Step-by-Step Guide for setting up your blog.