Why Blog? 10 Popular Reasons

This is the first of the articles in our new step-by step guide on How to Start a Free Blog in 6 Easy Steps. This article explains usual motivations for an important question – Why Blog?

My personal reason to start a blog was to make some additional money on the side. Blogging has low entry barrier and allows me to earn by blogging just a couple of hours per day.

I started blogging in 2010, and have learned through all the changes which have happened over the years.  The blogging landscape today has made it much easier for newbies to start out and most of the tasks have been automated.

There are different reasons why you may wish to create a blog. You may be interested in making money (like me), growing your business, improving your writing skills, enhancing your creativity or making your voice heard.

Why Blog? Today, blogging is a popular way to:

  1. Learn new things. Blogging regularly about your area of interest involves sharing what you know and learning from others writing in the same area. You will find new and interesting topics to read and write about every day. 
  1. Improve your writing. Blogging helps in improving your ability to think clearly and write proficiently. The only way to improve your skills in thinking, generating idea and writing is through constant practice and blogging provides that abundantly. 
  1. Make money full time or on the side. There are bloggers like me who make some money blogging on the side and then there are professional bloggers who are able to earn full time through their blogs. Earning from blog is take time and commitment but it is all about providing value to your readers.
  1. Grow your business. Blog is a low risk and low cost medium to increase exposure for your existing business. Think of your blog as an additional store front which can help influence buying decisions of your customers. Customers, these days, are increasingly online searches even for local purchases.
  1. Help others. If you wish to share your knowledge and help others then you should create a blog. There are thousands of blogs through which people try to help others across various topics like relationships, education, faith, religion, technical, money and so on.
  1. Make your voice heard. Blogging is one of the fastest ways of spreading information. You can use your blog to discuss local community issues, schools in your area, regional or national issues. If you can build an audience than your blog and even help you influence public policies.
  1. Establish Credibility. Whether you are an expert in your area or fresh out of grad school, blog helps in establishing credibility. Blog allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, build trust, provide value to readers and build an audience in the process. Once you have established trust and credibility, it can go a long way in helping with your personal and professional goals. 
  1. Get more professional engagements. Your blog can open up a whole world of professional opportunities. It can help you get published, land you speaking engagements, get more consulting deals or help you build your freelance writing career.
  1. Build your network. You will meet new people online through email, comments, forums, or social media as blogging community is vast and encouraging. Blogging helps you connect quickly with people from different spheres of life.
  1. Document your life. Blogging is like a personal journal where you are telling your stories from daily observations.

If you can relate to any of these reasons then you would benefit from creating a blog. If you are interested in creating your blog, then you will find our simple step-by-step guide on How to Start a Free Blog in 6 Easy Steps very useful and practical.